I searched and searched for a photographer who offered something a little different than traditional wedding photos and I found Sasha. I couldn’t have been more excited when we received 50 of our photos so shortly after the wedding and they were the most gorgeous photos I’ve ever seen. I was so concerned with how we were going to look and how awkward I am in photos but she truly made us look incredible. Our photos are unique and beautiful and I have had so many people, from friends, to relatives, to coworkers, to acquaintances, tell me that they are the best wedding photos they’ve ever seen. She captured moments of me crying and I have never seen an ugly cry look so emotional and beautiful at the same time. Not only did she produce INSANELY gorgeous photos but her entire demeanor made me feel completely at ease. I would mention that I wanted help with something, or that I needed someone or something and she was the first person trying to assist. At the same time, she was so stealthy that I didn’t notice her during the ceremony or during the reception, she just managed to be there and take the most intimate photos without being seen. I truly cannot recommend her enough and highly suggest you reach out to her to see what she can do for you. Sasha, thank you for being so incredible and providing me with my absolute favorite memento from the wedding. You managed to make two super awkward humans look like a million bucks. I don’t think I’ve ever been inclined to write such a glowing review for someone before in my life but I am blown away by your professionalism and skill. Book her, you wont regret it.
— Brittany (bride) via theknot.com
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I honestly can’t say enough about how great Sasha Pedro Photography is. I don’t usually like my picture taken, but working with Sasha was so easy and her ideas were stellar, which you can see from the results. Basically anything that’s visually impressive and dynamic about these photos is all her. Thanks Sasha for making me feel like art.
— Gray Bouchard, musician