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A social justice scholarship in memory of Nikki Tishler


Why radical kindness?

Nikki Tishler dedicated her life to issues of equity and social justice, advocating for the rights of women and the LBGTQIA+ community. Her passion for advocacy and social justice started when she was a student at Fontbonne Academy. She organized the Ducks for Darfur fundraiser to aid refugees in the war-torn region of Sudan. She practiced what others have referred to as “radical kindness” and demonstrated that it's not enough to only care deeply about an issue, but that we must organize and take action to incite change. Everyone who crossed her path was inspired by her positivity, passion, and dedication to the fight against social inequality.

What is the scholarship?

In Nikki's memory, a scholarship has been created for Fontbonne Academy students who care passionately for social justice and who practical radical kindness in their everyday lives.

How can I help?

You can make a donation to the scholarship by purchasing a t-shirt (or sweatshirt or tanktop!).
We offer children and adult sizes in a variety of styles and colors.
All money donated will go directly to Fontbonne Academy's Nikki Tishler Social Justice Award. 

If you would prefer to donate directly to Fontbonne Academy, you can do so by visiting the Fontbonne website (found here) and clicking the "Give" button. Designate the sum of your donation under "Memorial Gift" and list "Nikki Tishler Social Justice Award" in the box labeled “In Memory Of.”


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Who are you?

Hi! We're Steph & Sasha. We met Nik in 9th grade and, with a small group of other people, immediately became close friends. We miss her dearly and are deeply committed to celebrating radical kindness in her honor.

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A Limited Number of Stickers Are Still Available


You can also make (tax-deductible) donation to the scholarship by buying some "Radical Kindness" stickers!

For every $5 donated, you will receive one "Radical Kindness" bumper sticker in the mail. Donate $5, get one sticker. Donate $10, get two stickers. Donate $20, get four stickers... and so on. You get the idea!

If you would like fewer stickers than the number you are eligible for - say, you donate $20 but only want 2 stickers, you can indicate exactly how many stickers you'd like after clicking "Add to Cart."

Stickers measure approximately 3.25" wide x 4.00" tall.

All money donated will go directly to Fontbonne Academy's Nikki Tishler Social Justice Award. 

The checkout page on which you enter your payment information is secure.

Radical Kindness sticker

Your purchase serves as a tax-deductible donation to Fontbonne Academy for a scholarship in memory of Nicole Tishler.

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