Emily & Justin, Wedding @ Sandos Caracol Eco Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Emily & Justin assured me I'd love Mexico, and wow. I really did.

But beyond falling in love with the gorgeous landscape, kind people & really cool culture, I got to witness one of the most stunning weddings of all time. 50 of their closest family & friends traveled down for the occasion and made me feel completely welcome. Emily made her dress, her accessories, the dresses of her bridesmaids & both mothers, her husband's suit, all of the favors, and all of the decorations, so there was a cohesive and intimate beauty in every detail.

And... I just think everyone should get to laugh this much on their wedding day. Justin and Emily have that really wonderful, really happy love. It was awesome to be trusted to capture it.

Here's to Le Pants King & Queen!

Venue & flowers: Sandos Caracol Eco Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Wardrobe & decor: Emmy Sawich

Rings: Olga Hall & Rae Lee

Michael Zomick, JFK Library, 2017

I've slowly but surely been seeking out more editorial-style work. I really love it. It provides a collaborative opportunity with other creatives. Plus, experienced models really understand the camera in a way I'm not used to my subjects being familiar with. It's wonderful. This knowledge creates a really balanced, truly collaborative, back-and-forth shoot with results that I am always excited about.

I was thrilled when Michael reached out to me to shoot together.  We discovered that we are both fans of minimalist approaches. I'd been dying to find someone to shoot with at the JFK Library. He was game - and such a good sport, braving high winds and cold temperatures. Check out the results below! 

More of Michael's work can be seen on his website: https://www.michaelzomick.com

Hayley Sabella, 2017

I love shooting with Hayley. She is talented, kind, and just a lot of fun. We gave ourselves a couple of hours to just hang out, drink some coffee, and shoot a whole bunch. I'm thrilled with the results. Check out Hayley's wonderful music at https://www.hayleysabellamusic.com.

Sarah & Dave, Wedding @ Rosebrook Center, Wareham, MA

What a spectacular day to end my 2017 season on. Sarah & Dave have this wonderful, tight-knit group of family & friends that came together for a perfect day. From their intimate, beautifully-lit ceremony at the First Congregationalist Church in Marion to their lively, non-stop dancing reception at the Rosebrook Event Center, it was an honor to be there to capture it all!

Rachel & Derrick, Engagement at DeCordova Museum & Sculpture Park

Rachel & I realized we hadn't seen each other in something like 7 years. Wow... at the risk of sounding trite, where does the time go?! I do love that photography always presents opportunities for me to reconnect with so many lost friends. It absolutely ruled to catch up and to meet so many of the important people in her life. Enter: Derrick.  They're a perfect fit, and I can't wait to capture their wedding next year!

Laura & Alex, Just Right Farm, Plympton, MA

Laura & Alex are magical. 14 years together have earned them an obvious deep understanding of and everlasting appreciation for one another. They had an intimate ceremony at a historic church that didn't even have electricity, followed by a dance-heavy reception at a place near & dear to their hearts, Just Right Farm.  This was a real special one.

Grace & Curtis, Beach Engagement in Marshfield, MA

Grace, Curtis & I have numerous mutual friends. Our lives cross over so much, it's amazing we hadn't met prior to this year. We explored a private beach in Marshfield that is dear to Grace's heart and, although we planned for sunset, I don't think any of us were prepared for just how beautiful it was.

Stephanie & Joshua, Camp Bournedale Plymouth, MA

Steph and Josh have such a pure, beautiful love. They managed to have an incredible day, despite a number of initial obstacles. Steph's extraordinary eye for detail, Josh's great sense of humor, and the huge love fest that is their family and friends all came together to create the perfect wedding.


Jennifer & Junior, St. Catherine of Genoa in Somerville

Full Disclosure: Jenn is my cousin. I've photographed friends' weddings before, but shooting a family wedding is very different. These photos, like others, are full of sentimentality, emotion and love, but in a way that is very new to me. Congratulations, Jenn & Junior - I adore you both.

Alyssa & Ryan, Newport Rotunda Ballroom

Despite weather forecasts, Alyssa & Ryan wound up with a truly gorgeous August day on Easton Beach in Newport, RI, followed by a night of non-stop dancing at the Rotunda Ballroom.  They both spent nearly the whole night laughing on the dance floor, and it was an honor to get to be there and capture it their joy.